Where to Buy

You can purchase THINKWARE Dash Cams from authorized retailers in store and online.

We’ve partnered with only the best to distribute THINKWARE products.

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Authorized Distributors

Unauthorized Online Sellers

  • 360 deals on digital
  • AMZ- Northern Shipments
  • Ami Ventures Inc.
  • AMZ- Northern Shipments
  • Audiosource
  • Axiomdeals
  • BASS Electronics
  • Best Audio Sound Systems Inc.
  • BenzDeals
  • Buynsel
  • Califa US Store
  • Canada Computers & Electronics
  • Casa Mila
  • Consumer Supply Co
  • Celltronic
  • Cellworks Unlimited / WBB LLC
  • D2Canada
  • DiscountCentralOnline
  • ECsell
  • Electron-ix
  • Elite 100
  • ExcellentBuyJames!
  • FreeTV4Life
  • Good Product Sense
  • H & J 78
  • HajerTech
  • Healthy Supplement
  • HIFi USA
  • Iguaranteeit
  • Just Eureka
  • Kadri Corp.
  • Layger
  • Nebo Ltd.
  • NIKiii
  • On9
  • Orangehorse
  • Peerless Speed
  • Photo-Zone / Sound Waves
  • PremiumSuppliers
  • Quality Electronic Products
  • SETI, Inc.
  • Simple Works
  • Socalpunk
  • Software-Central
  • Specter Sales Solutions
  • STL PRO, Inc.
  • SecuredOrder
  • Tahoetrading
  • Tech Wise Electronics
  • The car accessory super store
  • The China’s Best Seller
  • The Three Musiceteers
  • Toll Brothers
  • Toronto Shop
  • Total Tech Outlet
  • Triplenet Pricing Inc
  • Ultimate Car Audio
  • USA Super Store
  • WeWholesale

Why purchase from an authorized THINKWARE dealer?

All Thinkware products purchased from authorized dealers will be covered by our manufacturer’s warranty and the guarantee of buying a genuine, quality product. We assure you receive a genuine product including the high standard of support and after sale service.

Buying from AMAZON, EBAY, ETC.

A note about sellers on Amazon and eBay. Occasionally, there are unauthorized dealers who manage to obtain Thinkware products and offers the products for sale to unsuspecting customers. We try our best to prevent this from happening. When an unauthorized dealer sells a Thinkware product, they are misrepresenting our products and inaccurately designating the Thinkware relationship with them. This adversely affects our goodwill and our brand in the industry and community, and negatively impacts you, as a customer.

When purchasing products on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, eBay.com and eBay.ca, it is important to note where the product is being “shipped from and sold by”, which is stated clearly in the buy box for each product. Please locate the seller’s name on our Authorized Online Dealer List or contact us directly at 1-844-865-9273 prior to making your purchase.

Knowing the risks

Purchasing a Thinkware product from an unauthorized dealer runs the possible risk of receiving faulty, undescribed, or even stolen goods. All Thinkware products purchased from an unauthorized dealer will not be protected by our manufacturer’s warranty. These goods could possibly be either:

  • Purchased via a grey secondary market

  • Damaged, defective stock

  • Stolen goods

We strongly advise our customers to think twice before purchasing products where the price appears unusually low. This can be a good indication that the product is coming from an unauthorized dealer.

If you are in any doubt about any dealers selling THINKWARE

Please visit our Authorized Dealer List or call us directly at 1-844-865-9273 or speak to a customer service representative via Live Chat.

Important restruction for THINKWARE products sold in North America for use outside of USA and Canada

Thinkware restricts warranty service for its Dash Cams and Accessories to the country where Thinkware or its Authorized Dealers and/or Distributors originally sold the products from.

Each Thinkware dash cam purchased in either USA or Canada is pre-loaded with firmware and GPS data that are specific for use within its region. Proper device operation cannot be guaranteed outside of USA and/or Canada.