Get total coverage by transforming your Thinkware Dash Caminto a multi-channel surveillance systemwith the Multiplexer Box accessory.

Compatible dash cams: Q850, Q200, F200 PRO, F790, X800 and X700

Multichannel Dash Cam(Up to 5 channels)

Customize your Thinkware setup to your surveillance needs thanks to the modular design of the multiplexer which allows you to add a combination of side, interior, and rear views to the main forward-facing dash cam.

Full HD Video Quality

All additional cameras record in Full HD 1080p video quality to capture small details with clarity.

Ideal for fleets and rideshare drivers

Get the whole picture and protect your investment against potential fraudulent claims. Adding additional cameras with the Multiplexer will ensure that all details are captured from different angles for a complete and accurate description of the vehicle incident.

Convenient Video File Storage

To maximize file storage space and make file lacation convenient, recordings from the additional cameras are merged together and saved into one video file while recordings from the main dash cam unit are saved separately.

How to choose the right Multiplexer Box set up for you

How to install the Multiplexer Box and 5 Channel Dash Cam

Channel Composition Options

The recordings from additional cameras cannot be saved separately, they will be saved in one file only.