Should I hardwire my dash cam?” is a question many dash cam users face. If you’ve been wondering the same question lately, continue reading below to find out why so many users have already hardwired their dash cams.

Parking Surveillance Mode

Advanced Parking Mode is the main reason why many users have decided to go down the hardwiring route. It’s not surprising, since users with hardwired dash cams enjoy the added benefits of our Advanced Parking Surveillance Mode with exclusive features like Motion Detection and Impact Recording.

Note that Parking Surveillance Mode and its features can only be enabled with hardwiring installation.

Discreet Set-up

While dangling wires aren’t an issue with a 12V power cable installation when organized properly, the hardwiring cable provides a more discrete set-up. Since the hardwiring cable is installed to the fuse box, it also keeps the cable hidden from view.

This also frees up a 12V power outlet that can be used for other accessories.

Ready to take the plunge? You can get a Thinkware Hardwiring Cable on our website!