Although optional, enabling Parking Surveillance Mode to record with your car off has obvious benefits. Why not see exactly how Parking Surveillance Mode can help you in situations where your car has been compromised.

Breaking Even With Break-Ins 

After breaking in to a secured parking lot under a residential building, these burglars caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to 4 separate vehicles as they committed theft. Fortunately, one of the residents had his F750 hardwired for Parking Surveillance Mode that picked up the burglars’ faces as they walked by.

The F750 provided the footage to the police, which was then directly used to identify and apprehend the individuals in the midst of another break-in. 

The Key To Vengeful Vandals

After his and his girlfriend’s cars were vandalized a total of 4 times, this vandalism victim decided enough was enough and installed a front and rear F770 system. Sure enough, his girlfriend’s former lover appeared less than a month later to key and physically damage all around the vehicle.

The new dash cam owner and his girlfriend were compensated for the damages by the vandal directly after presenting the video.

The Classic Parking Lot Hit-And-Run With The Ending We All Deserve

Imagine your new car getting backed into and not having any information on who did it. Thankfully, this was not the case for dash cam user Donald. 

His hardwired F750 had not only captured the entire incident from moments leading up to the incident to the offender driving away, the license plate of the offender was clearly recorded, too! Otherwise, Donald and his new vehicle would have been forced to accept the “sorry, out of luck” treatment that is far too common among hit-and-run victims.

Parking Ticket Discrepancies

What better way to prove that you had not parked past the allotted period than providing a video with a time stamp?

F750 user Simon was ticketed for parking past the 1 hour maximum. His dash cam provided otherwise. When Simon alerted the parking lot company that he had dash cam footage, they clarified that the allotted period was collective. Little did they know, Simon also had footage of his earlier trip to the same parking lot that refuted their latter claim.

The ticket was eventually dropped with a warning.