Currently, 3M adhesive tape mounts are included with all Thinkware dash cams. Our decision to make 3M adhesive tape mounts that standard for dash cam mounts is easy to understand once its advantages are realized.

1.) Secure placement

The purpose of a mount goes beyond attaching the dash cam to the windshield. Reliability is extremely important when it comes to secure placement of the dash cam, especially in high heat and severe impact. We use 3M VHB adhesives because they are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure to eliminate any possibility of the dash cam ever becoming dislodged.

Although adhesive mounts are secure, they can be neatly removed. For a safe and clean mount removal, please follow our video tutorial below.

2.) Compact design

While the size of the dash cam is a commonly discussed specification in the world of dash cams, many overlook the size of the mount. Unlike other mounting methods,  the compact design of our adhesive mounts does not add bulkiness or length to the dash cam when mounted. With this inconspicuous set-up, users can be assured that their dash cam does not distractedly dangle on their windshield.

3.) Reduced vibration

Vibration occurs when the mounted dash cam moves with the motion of the vehicle. Looking at the video comparison below you can see how vibration hinders video stability and overall video quality. In the same video, you can also notice the staggering difference of vibration levels between the 3M adhesive tape mount and the standard suction cup mount. Vibration is visibly reduced with adhesive tape mounts thanks again to its compact and secure design.

However, 3M VHB Adhesive mounts do not meet every ones needs. That’s why we also have a suction cup mount available for Thinkware Users.

1.) Easy to remove

If you travel frequently for work or if you don not always drive the same car, the suction cup mount is a great solution. You do not have to worry about mounting a suction cup mount in a rental car or work vehicle as it only takes a few seconds to remove.

2.) Removing your dash cam at night

Depending on where you live, you may remove you dash cam at night to ensure cold weather does not damage the dash cam. The storage temperature of our dash cams are -4 – 158°F (-20 – 70°C). Or perhaps you do not want to take the chance of leaving your dash cam in your vehicle over night if you live in an area where vehicle break-ins are common.

Which mounting system do you prefer and why? We would love to hear your thought!