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Dash cams are not only an essential tool for increasing safety, but they also help drivers involved in an accident to prove who is truly at fault by providing an unbiased and honest video recording.

Here are a few benefits to investing in dash cams for your fleet:

Keep an honest and unbiased eye witness both inside and outside your fleet vehicles.

Gain useful evidence when your driver is involved with various “crash-for-cash” scams.

Real-time GPS positioning of vehicles can keep your business safe and efficient.

* U1000, QA100 only

Dash cam systems help keep your drivers accountable and help them form better driving habits.

Fleet managers can use the driving footage to identify at-risk drivers and help them become better drivers.

Find out what happened before, during, and after a collision with a dash cam. It can help your driver prove they are not at fault during an incident.

“What happened?” is a question you do not have to ask your drivers anymore. By having a dash cam in the vehicle, you can rely on the dash cam to give you the full story after an incident.


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ModelU1000 Front + Rear BundleQ800 Front + Rear BundleX1000 Front + Rear BundleF200 PRO Front + Rear BundleF70
Dash Cam Resolution4K UHD2K QHD2K QHDFull HDFull HD
Rear View Cam Resolution*2K QHDFull HD2K QHDFull HD
Wi-Fi w/ Mobile App
Thinkware Cloud: Strong Impact Notification, Geo Fencing and Locate Vehicle 1
Remote Live View during Continuous Driving Mode 1
Remote Live View during Parking Mode 1, 2, 3
Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)●*●*●*
Safety Camera Alert ●*●*
Advanced Parking Surveillance Mode 2
Time Lapse 2
Energy Saving Mode 2
Super Night Vision
Super Capacitor
MicroSD Card Capacity Supports up to 128GBSupports up to 128GBSupports up to 128GBSupports up to 128GBSupports up to 64GB

* Optional Accessory
1 THINKWARE CLOUD uses your smartphone’s or mobile hotspot device’s internet connection to send and receive notifications. Carrier charges may apply.
2 Requires Hardwiring Cable or OBD II Power Cable and installation (professional installation recommended)
3 Energy Saving Mode 2.0 is not available when Thinkware Cloud 2.0: Remote Live View during Parking Mode is enabled.

To order, complete the Customer Order Form