As the summer months and warm weather approach, the perfect time to plan a Summer vacation is among us. There are hundreds of picturesque destinations just under our fingertips, here in North America. When you’re an owner of a Thinkware Dash Cam, capturing beautiful driving footage has never been easier. Today we will be outlining our Top Favorite Road Trip Destinations in the US and Canada.

Number 5: The Oregon Coast, Oregon, USA

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The Oregon Coast Highway (Route 101) runs the coastline of the Pacific Ocean ranging from the Columbia River to the northern border of California. This scenic route is broken up in 3 sections; The North, Central, and South. The North portion of the Coast the touristy part of the coast, consisting of many sandy beaches. The Central Coast has less beaches and has more rocky cliffs, and bays. Lastly the South Coast is more rugged and mountainous with very few beaches. If you are an avid hiker or photographer the Oregon Coast is an ideal destination.


Number 4: Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA

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Nevada’s oldest state park the Valley of Fire is located an hour outside of Las Vegas. This National Park consists of bright red Aztec sandstone formations spanning 46,00 acres. This National Park is known for its breathtaking scenery, hiking trails and camping.


Number 3: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

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The Cabot Trail is a scenic roadway on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. The route is 300km/185mi in length and completes a loop of the island of Cape Breton. Along this trail is gorgeous coastal sights seen from the winding mountainous road. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is also a great location on the trail for Kayaking, Whale Watching, Hiking, and Golfing.


Number 2: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

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Yellowstone National Park is located mostly in Wyoming but spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho. This National Park is atop of an active volcanic hotspot. This destination features dramatic canyons, dense forests, geysers, and hot springs. Popular activities include camping, hiking, rafting, fishing and sightseeing which make Yellowstone a perfect camping location.


Number 1: Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona, USA

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Road Trips can be an incredible journey, but keep in mind that it is important to feel comfortable on the road. A dash cam can provide unbiased evidence no matter the state or country your destination is in. Not only will a Thinkware Dash Cam keep your vehicle safe along the way, but can also provide memories you can cherish for years to come.