SNAP-G is here to make capturing vast, clear, and sharp visuals a breeze. Don’t miss anyone or anything with SNAP-G’s 133.9° wide-angle feature!
SNAP-G allows you to choose between Narrow, Linear, Wide angles and get the whole picture!

SNAP-G is the perfect harmony between convenience and performance with our revolutionary 2-inch LCD screen, making it easy for you to take detailed shots.

With the first 2-inch LCD screen in a gimbal camera, you can now shoot with precision and skill.

From YouTubers to families to dancers, SNAP-G is ideal for everyone looking for a gimbal camera to record daily moments like an expert.

Are you still waiting for your gimbal to charge? Geez, just get SNAP-G and replace the battery with a new one!

No need to fret about storage space anymore . Record as many 4K-quality videos as you want  because SNAP-G supports up to cards.  You can also use 128 or 64 GB SD cards.

Day or night, capture the world clearly! SNAP-G’s industry-leading video quality records in 4K at 60 frames per second.

4K resolution is equivalent to 4x zoom in QHD. SNAP-G’s video resolution can be changed to record in 4K, 2.7K or 1080p based on your recording needs. Whatever your recording needs may be, SNAP-G is the ideal camera, capturing in 4K @60FPS and 1080p @120FPS.

Don’t let low light or night conditions dampen your video quality. SNAP-G is equipped with our industry-leading Ultra Night Vision that allows you to take intricate and high-definition shots, even in the dark!

Get the  360 degree view and take bigger shots with Panorama mode!

Presenting a simple and convenient way to control the camera’s field of view- Joystick and Trigger

The triangular body structure of SNAP-G is built in a way to provide a stable grip and maximum comfort.

SNAP-G’s  AI tracking feature makes recording of moving and stationary objects a breeze. No more blurry faces or people in shots!

No matter where you go, SNAP-G’s Face ID tracking feature keeps you and your loved ones in the middle of the shot. You can register up to 5 people at a time and SNAP-G tracks them with high priority.

Don’t lose focus of the people who you want to record! As soon as you turn on the camera, SNAP-G recognizes registered faces and starts tracking right away.

“Stream to infinity” with SNAP-G on your favorite social media apps with our trailblazing built-in Wi-Fi and live streaming features. Connect to a smartphone wirelessly without a separate USB connection to quickly share and conveniently store data.

Share high-quality videos in real-time. The SNAP-G app allows you to go live directly on your favorite social media apps with no additional devices required. The app makes AI editing simple and straightforward so you can even edit and create your content to upload from the app itself.

SNAP-G allows you to control and move the lens remotely with your smartphone, so you can get that clean shot even from a distance!

Let your creativity shine and record dynamic views professionally. Speed up and convert hours into seconds or speed down for an artistic effect.

Set an area to record and watch the magic happen! SNAP-G automatically shoots the chosen section with Dynamic Motion Shooting feature and repeats it without missing a beat.

SNAP-G has excellent stabilization and 0.02° error-free control. Eliminate any shake or jiggle and capture flawless videos with SNAP-G’s Gimbal Stabilization.

Choose from our various Gimbal Modes! You can instantly change the direction of the gimbal by clicking the trigger. Whether you need roll, tilt or pan movements for your shot, SNAP-G is the ultimate vlog buddy!

Equipped with ADRC and PID technology, SNAP-G minimizes distortion that can occur in external environments such as wind, enabling stable shooting.

SNAP-G’s Dual Mount  (Simultaneous ¼ mount and M4 mount) ensures you can focus on your journey and go hands-free using the backpack mount or the mini tripod accessories.

Record clear, clean and undistorted audio with SNAP-G’s built-in noise-cancelling microphone

You can also opt to get our external microphone accessory for an even cleaner and crisper audio. With a small size that is almost invisible on camera, it is ideal to go live directly from SNAP-G too! SNAP-G has a 3.5mm standard headphone jack as well.