The latest firmware for the F800PRO welcomes Thinkware Cloud features!

Whether you are looking to monitor your vehicle(s) for personal security or fleet management, the three new Thinkware Cloud features can provide critical information on the status and whereabouts of your vehicle directly to your iOS/Android smartphone.

Learn more about the Geofencing, Locate Vehicle, and Driving Impact notifications below to see how these features can assist you.

Note: Thinkware Cloud requires a Personal Hotspot connection on an iOS/Android smartphone and a GPS connection to be used.


For dash cams with a built-in GPS accessory, location can be tracked and displayed on the PC Viewer. The Geofencing feature on the F800PRO takes location tracking once step further by allowing users to set up to 20 geographic zones and then notifying users when the vehicle are arriving and/or departing the pre-selected locations. With Geofencing notifications, users are alerted of any potential unauthorized access or usage of their vehicle(s).  

Locate Vehicle

Not only are the whereabouts of your vehicle are tracked, they can be reviewed with the Locate Vehicle feature. Using GPS technology, Locate Vehicle can provide updates on the approximate address of the vehicle and its speed along with a date and time stamp. Locate Vehicle is updated every 10 seconds to ensure up-to-date information, making it ideal for tracking the status of delivery assignments and fleet management.

Driving Impact 

As with all our dash cams, triggers to the built-in G-Sensor results in event recording. With the Cloud feature, F800PRO users can also receive a notification when impact is detected. Users will also have the option to download the video straight to their mobile devices. Should any events occur to the monitored vehicles, users will be in the position to assist the situation.


All Thinkware Cloud features can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences! Click play on the video below to learn more about Thinkware Cloud and its initial set-up.