Why should you hardwire your dash cam?

Hardwiring your dash cam allows your Thinkware Dash Cam to enable parking mode. Parking mode can record motion or if there is an impact on your vehicle while it is parked. Depending on your dash cam model, you may also be able to use Time Lapse mode or Energy Saving Mode.

What do you need to hardwire your dash cam?

1. Circuit Tester or Multimeter

2. Fuse Puller or Pliers

3. Thinkware Hardwiring kit

4. Two Add-A-Fuse taps and some extra fuses

(Fuse sizes vary depending on your vehicle make and model, make sure to check your fuse box to see what type of fuse your vehicle requires)

5. Wire Crimper

How do I install the hardwiring cable? Follow the video tutorial below!