If you’re looking to to document every detail of your drive, you’ll be needing the GPS tracker accessory. Thinkware dash cams with the GPS accessory will track the date, speed, and location of your drive, all of which can be viewed on the PC Viewer software. For models with the Safety Camera Alert feature, the GPS tracker also provides users with upcoming Red Light / Speed Cameras alerts on the road. You can learn more about the benefits of the external GPS tracker in our previous post. Some models already have the GPS tracker built in, so installation of the external GPS tracker accessory will not be required. Not sure if you need the external GPS tracker accessory for your Thinkware dash cam? Check out the chart below:

[ux_image_box img=”26240″ image_width=”70″]


Current Dash Cam Line Up

If you have an older Thinkware Dash Cam you can see if your dash cam has a built-in GPS below:

[ux_image_box img=”26241″ image_width=”70″]


Previous Models


Interested in tracking your time, speed, and location? The GPS tracker accessory is available on our website.