Installing a rear cam will add 140 degrees of additional coverage to your vehicle. Adding a second perspective to your front cam. Before you purchase a rear cam, make sure that you have a 2 channel dash cam (cam compatible with a rear cam). Below is the list of Thinkware Dash Cams that are compatible with a rear cam: +F800PRO +F800 +F770 +F200 +F100 +X550 +X500 (Discontinued) +F750 (Discontinued) Where can you purchase a rear cam for your dash cam? You can purchase a rear cam from retailers like BestBuy or you can purchase it from our website. Now that your rear cam it’s time to plan the installation. First mount the rear camera on the rear windshield. If you have tinted windows, you may want to mount the rear cam on plastic trim or headliner so you do not damage your tint if you remove the rear cam. Now that the rear cam is mounted, you now want to plan how you are going to route the the rear cam cable. Typically we recommend routing the wire on the same side of the rear cam port of the dash cam. Your rear cam is now installed! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team! Email: Phone: 1 (844) 865-9273