Have you been wondering how to hide the rear camera cable and power cable? It is quite a simple process, that should take less than an hour.


All you will need for the installation of the dash cam is a set of pry tools/trim remover tools and some zip ties.

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The first step is to mount the dash cam and rear cam. Connect the power cable (Either the cigarette lighter power cable or hardwiring cable) and rear camera cable to the main dash cam. Also, make sure to connect the rear camera cable to the rear cam. Plugging in all the cables before hiding them allows you to plan your route and ensure you do not hide too much wire and run out of cable length to reach the dash cam. You want to plan an efficient route to hide the cables for your vehicle. We recommend using the weatherstrips and seam lines of the interior to hide the cables.

Rear Cam Routing:

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1) Open the door and route the wires underneath the weatherstrip. (See 1)


2) Find seams where the interior plastics meet (See 2).Usually, the C pillars in the rear have the most space to hide the excess wire, measure out the remaining length needed to connect to the rear cam and hide the rest into the plastic cover of the C pillar (See image 1).


Power Cable Routing:

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Start routing the power cable in the headliner. If you hardwired your dash cam, you should tuck the wires on the side of the vehicle that the fuse box is on. For example, if the fuse box (or 12V outlet if you are not using the hardwiring cable) is on the driver’s side. Route the cables along the driver’s side of the vehicle. This reduces the amount of cable you will have to hide.


You can hide the excess wire underneath the glove box or drivers wheel well. Neatly fold the excess wires together and use a zip tie to hold them together. If your dash cam is hardwired, you can hide the excess wires in the fuse box or behind the fuse box. If you are hiding the cable underneath the glove box of your vehicle, check that the power cable does not interfere with the opening and closing the glove box.


These are the basic steps for hiding the wires for your dash cam. The optimal route for the cables is different for every vehicle, but the methods for hiding the cable is the same.