Thinkware Cloud App is no longer compatible with FA200, F200, F800 and Motorsports M1. 

The official app for FA200, F200, F800 and Motorsports M1 is the Thinkware Dash Cam Link.

Please download and install the official Thinkware Dash Cam Link App on your mobile phone. 

Before connecting your Thinkware Dash Cam to the new Thinkware Dash Cam Link app, update your Thinkware Dash Cam to the latest firmware version.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

When updating to the latest firmware, we strongly recommend that you use your computer and a Thinkware MicroSD card to prevent errors during the update process. A successfully firmware update cannot be guaranteed when using a third party MicroSD card.

Firmware Download Page

How to update the firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware. Then unzip the downloaded firmware file.
  2. Plug your MicroSD card into your computer and save any dash cam footage you wish to keep.
  3. Format your MicroSD card in your computer.
    PLEASE NOTE: This step will erase all the data on your memory card.
  4. Open the unzipped Firmware Folder, and copy all contents onto the MicroSD card.
  5. Insert the MicroSD card into your dash cam and power it on.
  6. Wait for the camera to announce, “Upgrade is now complete, continuous recording will now start.” Your dash cam LED lights should blink while the firmware upgrade is taking place.

– Do not power off your dash cam until it begins continuous recording, as it may cause permanent damage to the dash cam.