Hardwired your dash cam and wondering how to extend Parking Surveillance mode? Follow our suggestions down below to monitor your parked vehicle in Parking Surveillance for as long as possible.

Off-Voltage/ Off-Timer Settings

The Off-Timer and Off-Voltage features on the PC Viewer. Find these settings under “Record Settings”.

The Off-Timer and Off-Voltage features on the F800/F800PRO/F200/F100/F70/X550 PC Viewer. Find these settings under “Record Settings”. These two features are frequently mentioned when discussing Parking Surveillance Mode. ,  the Off-Voltage and Off-Timer settings are precautionary measures to prevent that your dash cam from draining your car battery in Parking Surveillance Mode.  The Off-Timer refers to the maximum duration your dash cam will operate Parking Surveillance Mode before it automatically prompts shutdown. As you may have guessed, a higher Off-Timer setting enables your dash cam to operate Parking Surveillance Mode for a longer period of time. As for the Off-Voltage feature, it is essentially the voltage range your dash cam will operate Parking Surveillance Mode within. If the dash cam detects that the voltage level is lower than the voltage threshold set in Off-Voltage, it will also automatically prompt shutdown. A lower Off-Voltage setting will allow your dash cam to continue operating Parking Surveillance Mode at the lowest voltage level possible. NOTE: The Off-Timer and Off-Voltage features work in conjunction with each other. If the dash cam detects that the voltage level is lower than the Off-Voltage but is within the time duration set in the Off-Timer setting, the dash cam will still prompt shutdown. Similarly, the dash cam will shut down once the time duration is past the Off-Timer setting, even if the voltage level is well within the Off-Voltage range. Adjust both these settings accordingly for best results!

Wintertime Battery Protection

Wondering where the Wintertime Battery Protection settings are?  They can be found under “Record Settings” on the F800/F800PRO PC Viewer and Cloud mobile app Wintertime Battery Protection is the third and latest battery protection feature available on the /. Enabling Wintertime Battery Protection will cut off Parking Surveillance Mode at a voltage level 0.2V higher than the Off-Voltage threshold. If you are confident in the condition of your car battery, disable Wintertime Battery Protection to prevent your dash cam from shutting down early as a precautionary measure.

Impact Sensitivity

Impact Sensitivity is the sensitivity level for Impact Recording in Parking Surveillance Mode. If a sensitive impact sensor is not required, lower Parking Sensitivity settings to maximize Parking Surveillance Mode duration.

Motion Sensitivity

The Motion Sensitivity settings are the sensitivity options for Motion Detection Recording in Parking Surveillance Mode. Though increased sensitivity is certainly helpful in capturing vandals and , a higher sensitivity setting for the motion sensor also requires higher power consumption. For this reason, we suggest users parking their vehicle in areas with high traffic to setting a lower sensitivity to extend Parking Surveillance coverage if a sensitive sensor is not required for their dash cam purposes.

Energy Saving Mode 

This new Parking Surveillance feature on the F800PRO is a game changer. In Energy Saving Mode, the dash cam conserves power by entering sleep mode and only recording after impact/motion is detected. This efficient method of recording uses a third of the power normally required for Impact/Motion Detection Recording mode.Just enabling Energy Saving Mode will extend Parking Surveillance by up to three times.