Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, you may find yourself driving less due to the widespread business closures or potential self-isolation.

 Are you concerned about the protection of your vehicle during these difficult times? 

Owning a Dash Cam with Energy Savings Parking Mode is especially helpful when driving less frequently. 

Our Energy Savings Mode is crucial to protect your vehicle while away for a long period of time.

Energy Savings Mode 1.0

In Energy Saving Mode 1.0, the dashcam conserves power by entering sleep mode and only recording after an impact is detected. This efficient method of recording uses a third of the power normally required for our Standard Impact/Motion Detection Recording modes. 

Energy Savings Mode 1.0 is available on the F70, F200FA200, F800PRO, and Q800PRO Dash Cams. The Energy Savings Mode 1.0 can provide protection for your vehicle for up to 72hrs before powering down. 

Energy Savings Mode 2.0

Energy Saving 2.0 in Parking Surveillance mode also records footage triggered by impacts only, allowing the dash cam to reduce power consumption and remain in Parking mode for a longer duration.

Currently only available on the U1000 Dash Cam, the Energy Savings Mode 2.0 draws only 8MA allowing the Dash Cam to protect the vehicle for up to 23 days, before powering down.

Energy Savings with the RADAR Attachment

The RADAR Accessory allows the Dash Cam to record before and after the impact, while in Energy Savings Mode.

When in Energy Saving Mode 2.0, the Radar Module allows the U1000 dash cam to extend its Parking Surveillance mode duration by reducing the power consumption. 

When a motion is detected by the Radar Module, the U1000 wakes up and gets ready to record. If an impact is detected, a 20-second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved in a dedicated folder on the MicroSD card. When no impacts are detected, the U1000 does not save the footage and resumes Energy Saving Mode 2.0. 

The RADAR Accessory detects the motion of sedan-sized vehicles within 7M of the vehicle. The RADAR will not pick-up the motion of people walking by the vehicle. With the RADAR Module Attached the Dash Cam can run up to 4 days before powering down to save your battery.

Protecting your Vehicles Battery

When purchasing a Dash Cam to use for Parking Mode, Battery Protection Features and settings are crucial to protect your vehicle’s battery from drainage.

In general, dash cams typically consume small amounts of power, so a healthy car battery will have no problem supplying power to a dashcam for multiple hours or even days before reaching the Voltage Cut Off threshold.

All Thinkware Dash Cams feature a built-in Voltmeter to monitor the battery’s level while parked. Once the battery level drops to the selected threshold, the dashcam will power down, protecting you from a drained battery. 

In comparison, most competitors’ dash cams will run until the battery is completely drained, or until the Dash Cams Internal Battery dies. These Dash Cams do not allow you to record for an extended period of time while protecting your battery.

In addition, all Thinkware Dash Cams also have a Record Timer. You can set the Record Timer to power down the Dash Cam after recording for a specified amount of hours. 

Dash Cam Battery Pack

If you have a Luxury Vehicle, or if you are concerned about your vehicle’s battery health with prolonged use, alternatively, you can use a Dash Cam Battery Pack such as the iVolt Mini.

This works similar to a power bank for your smartphone. The iVolt Mini charges when the vehicle’s ignition is on and will power the camera while driving and in parking mode. 

When the iVolt Mini dies, the dashcam will power down, having no effect on the vehicle’s battery.

With Energy Savings 1.0 (F70, F200, FA200, F800PRO, Q800PRO) the Battery Pack will power the dashcam for approximately 2.8 days before powering down.

When using the Energy Savings 2.0 (U1000 only), this will record for about 4.1 days before the battery pack will need to be charged again. 

No matter which Thinkware Dash Cam you choose they will all be able to maximize your parking recording time while we spend more time indoors.