If we could divide dash cams into two categories, it would be ones with a display and ones without. While it’s mainly a matter of preference, there are advantages to having a dash cam without a display and with a display.

Advantages to a Dash Cam Without a Screen:

Discreet Installation

Having a display also adds to the size of a dash cam. Not having one allows a more compact design that you can hide easily behind the rear-view mirror away from sight, making it harder for potential wrong-doers to spot.

The F200 fitting snugly behind a rear-view mirror.

The game changer of course, is the Wi-Fi and mobile app feature on the F800PRO / F800 / F200 / F770 / F750 dash cams that allows you have to the best of both worlds. The ability to review footage and change settings instantaneously on a mobile device via Wi-Fi means that users don’t have to compromise the discreteness of the installation with a display on the dash cam itself.

Use the mobile app to review footage, download important files, and make device changes all with your mobile device.

Advantages to a Dash Cam with a Screen:

Our upcoming X700 Dash Cam

Instantaneous playback and convenient device configuration – Review footage and make changes to dash cam settings whenever you want directly on the screen itself.

Receive on-screen AND audio notifications – Provided that you have the screen display on at all times, you will receive both types of notifications for certain features like Safety Camera Alerts.

That’s the general gist of the dash cam screen debate! Let us know in the comments below which team you’re on and why.

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