When we drive, we fail to pay attention to the picturesque scenery. The world full of beauty and wonder, goes unnoticed by many drivers. Sometimes, extraordinary events do catch our eye. Yet when we do see something video worthy, it’s often too late to take out the camera.

Dashboard cameras provide a partial solution to this problem. With continuous filming, many dash cams will record the events on your drive, however if you are on the road for hours, you risk losing the exciting footage as it gets overwritten with the rest of your trip.

Here at Thinkware, we know that some moments are worth keeping, thus all Thinkware Dash Cam models come with manual recording mode. This feature allows you to safely record any event in front of you, even when your vehicle is not involved. Manual recording mode is similar to that of a video camera and with a simple press of a button, your footage will be saved in a special folder on your MicroSD card. The footage is saved in 1 minute increments, 10 seconds prior to the time the button is pressed, and 50 seconds after.

That way, you will never miss a falling meteor or a herd of bison crossing the road.