Thinkware F70Pro

Get more than you bargained for with the Thinkware #F70Pro's advanced features. Quality recording, smart alerts, and seamless connectivity without breaking the bank.

Thinkware F70

Budget-friendly without compromising on quality, the Thinkware F70 Pro is your reliable eye on the road. Advanced features at a fraction of the price.

Thinking of switching to Thinkware?

Experience peace of mind every time you hit the road with the cutting-edge features of the Thinkware #F200PRO! 💯


Equipped with premium features like Full HD 1080p front & rear recording and built-in Wifi, the #F200PRO is a serious heavyweight dashcam contender.


Capture more than just video. With the F70 PRO's built-in microphone and speaker, your dash cam recordings will tell the complete story. 🎥🔊 #Thinkware #Dashcam

Stay wide-eyed on the road with the F70 PRO's 140° viewing angle.

No distortion, just expansive road coverage so you can drive with peace of mind. Plus, with dewarping technology, you get a view that's as clear as your destination. 🛣️ #ThinkwareF70PRO……

When the heat is on, Smart Parking Mode keeps your F70 PRO cool

When the heat is on, Smart Parking Mode keeps your F70 PRO cool. The dash cam switches to low-power mode if your car's interior gets too hot, resuming normal operations once it cools down. Safety and…