Accidents occur when you least expect them to happen. Equip yourself with a Dash Cam and protect yourself against insurance claim disputes with an independent witness.

Thinkware Outdoor Infrared Camera

Elevate your surveillance features with the Thinkware TWA-NIFRT outdoor infrared camera, the ultimate solution for capturing footage in blind spots and increasing your safety. 📹


Whether it's for capturing scenic drives or ensuring safety, the #U3000 is the driver's best companion.

Thinkware F70

Small on size, big on features. The #F70's ultra-compact dimensions of 78 x 34.6 x 31.5mm means it sits discreetly on your windshield without obstructing your view. 🙏

Parking woes? The #U3000's got your back (and front)!

With the #U3000's Radar Parking mode, rest easy knowing your car's guarded. #Thinkware #Dashcam

Thinkware U3000 install in a Lexus.

This is the newest tech out there with 4k video & radar parking detection. - Fill out a service service form on our website https://www.blvdautocv.com/service-form.html and we will get you a…

Never compromise on safety.

The #F790's Advanced Driver Assistance System keeps you alert and aware on every drive. #Thinkware #Dashcam

Expand your dash cam system with ease!

The Thinkware TWA-NIFRT exterior infrared camera is multiplexer compatible, allowing you to create a comprehensive multichannel recording setup. 🔄📹 #Thinkware #Dashcam