Stay cool and protected even when your car heats up with the Smart Parking Mode of the Thinkware #U3000. ☀️

It automatically switches to a low-power mode if the temperature inside your vehicle rises to dangerous levels, ensuring that incidents are recorded until it's safe to resume normal surveillance.

Stay protected - even in the dark.

Ideal for late night drivers, the #F790 comes equipped with Thinkware’s latest Super Night Vision 3.0 technology, which boosts exposure levels in low light conditions so you don’t miss important…


Don't wait until AFTER something happens. The best-in-class #X1000 features enhanced Parking Surveillance mode and Super Night Vision 3.0 technology.


Experience the power of compression with the #ThinkwareU3000 Dash Cam's HEVC format. It efficiently compresses high-resolution video files, minimizing file size without compromising on video……

Parking Surveillance Re-Imagined

Parking mishaps don't stand a chance when your vehicle is guarded by the Thinkware #U3000 Dash Cam. With its advanced radar technology, it's like having a vigilant security detail protecting your…

The new #U3000 does more.

Thanks to the Thinkware Connected companion app, you can keep tabs on your vehicle with features like Remote Live View, Locate Vehicle, and Impact Notification. #Thinkware #Dashcam